American Environmental’s number one commitment is to provide our valued customers with the highest possible level of service available within the environmental industry. A crucial component of this approach is our responsibility to protect our customers and our employees from all safety concerns.

In oder to efficiently observe and adhere to this policy, American Environmental is dedicated to making the safety of our employees and the safety of our customers our top priority. When it comes to achieving world-class health and safety performance, there’s no room for compromise at American Environmental.


At American Environmental we believe that all accidents are preventable and a zero incident goal is attainable. It’s not about statistics; it’s about people not getting hurt. Our efforts to improve our safety practices are for all of our personnel, all the way from the president to our field employees. We have established a safety culture where all employees go through extensive safety training and are expected to follow our strict safety policies and procedures. Because of our dedication to keeping safe and protecting our employees, we have within the last four years, moved steadily from an EMR rating of 0.99 to a very impressive 0.60. AIR has a systematic approach to health and safety management designed to ensure compliance with the law and to achieve continuous performance improvement.

In our efforts to improve our safety program, we have instituted rigorous safety policies and procedures. American Environmental has added a full-time safety director who spends a vast amount of time and resources to train our employees on numerous safety issues. All employees are required to follow our strict safety policies and procedures.

Our increased emphasis on safety, along with our 0.60 EMR has created an environment where we have become a premier contractor for such companies as Southern California Edison, Honeywell, NRG Power, Shell Oil, Kinder Morgan, Conoco Phillips and many others. Our vision and value statement calls on every employee and contractor working for the company to strive for incident-free operations, and to manage risks and to prevent injuries, illnesses and accidents. Our position on health and safety is clear. It applies to everyone everywhere—whether they are walking down a hallway, in an office or when handling hazardous waste.

  • Engage employees and service providers to manage health and safety performance as a line item responsibility with clear authority and accountability.
  • Set targets for measuring improvement and apprAIRe performance.
  • Require subcontractors to manage health and safety.
  • All employees and subcontractors understand that working safely is a condition of employment. They are each responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.
  • Provide employees with the capabilities, knowledge and resources to instill personal ownership and motivation to achieve health and safety excellence.
  • Provide relevant safety and health information to subcontractors and require them to provide proper training for the safety of their employees. Every employee knows that they have the “Right to Stop Any Work at Anytime” if there are any safety concerns that are putting our workers at risk.



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